Darko the Super - "Year of the Darko"


Darko the Super - “Year of the Darko”

(Cold Rhymes Records)

The summer solstice, the halfway point of the year and the birthday of rapper Darko the Super all eerily reside in the same narrow space of days - which leads to the question - has 2019 been the Year of the Darko, as prophesied in his beginning of the year release Year of the Darko? The answer is yes. The world is a more chaotic place than ever, and Philadelphia wordsmith Darko the Super reacts to the world the only way he knows how - by releasing a zappaesque stream of releases that boggles the mind in its scope and detail. How can one even keep up with that level of work? You may even be tempted to ask, "How can I deserve that beautiful art? I can’t keep track of all those releases! I don’t even know where to start."

Fortunately, Darko's got an album for that - Year of the Darko. Don’t call it a greatest hits album. This material is only curated from Darko’s TEN 2018 releases. And in this compilation of Darko material, we can see the many facets of Darko. Some might even say the album could be titled, Darko the Super is Having Another Episode, with all his various inner personalities surfacing and swirling in the hip hop morass that circles this release. Darko’s alter ego, Dr. Heller, takes over like a Mr. Hyde and spins mad boom bap beats with fuzzy samples and call in style shout outs.

It’s quite difficult to sort a highlight track out of this collection, since Darko the Super has already done that by putting the collection together. It’s a long string of edgy, creative hip hop mess - but there’s no filler - it’s all good. It’s not all about Darko though. You’re gonna be dealing with an all-star cast of Darko friends including Homeboy Sandman, Serengeti, MC Paul Barman, Lil B, Mr. MFN eXquire, Moka Only, Harvey Cliff MC, ialive and Height Keech. There’s some nifty guest producing on the record as well, with Starchildluke, Gloam, Big Baby Gandhi and Amaze 88 at the helm making those track extra nasty.

Year of the Darko is a look inside the mind of an artist who is constantly on the move, looking for the next beat, writing the next rhyme, taking all the good, and yes, all of the bad parts of modern American life and digesting them, and expressing the result. At the very least, this release not only deserves to be heard, but demands it. Get some Darko the Super tunes in your ear today.

Gray Lee