MALOCCULSION - "Personal War Machine"


Malocculsion - “Personal War Machine”

(Love Earth Music)

Oakland-based electronic artist Malocculsion brings us Personal War machine, a dark and dangerous car chase into the terror of the night. Digitized screams, robotic voices, and stabs of twisted metal and broken glass punctuate driving lines of synth and rapid fire drum machines in the opening track Blade in the Spine, setting a malevolent tone for the rest of the release.

Indeed, Personal War Machine is like a never-ending fiery car crash down a rocky cliff into an abandoned junkyard full of genocidal cyborgs. Malocculsion, (whose daytime alias is Michael Daddona - lead skull-crusher over at Ratskin Records,) creates a continual atmosphere of urban mayhem, with overtones lifted directly from 1980s R-rated VHS action movie all-nighters. Squealing tires and rising waves of electronic tone dominate the album in a really great way, creating the feeling of one long night of bone-crunching action and plundertronic, weaponized sampling. Highlight tracks include the beastly monster chase of Melting, which brings to mind classic Carpenter flicks such as ‘The Thing,’ White Hot Burning Light of Darkness - which is built form an ominously vibrating tone that feels both electrified and psychic, and the 13 and a half minute burner of a track God is Alive, and You’re Next to Die, which blends a pounding beat with an incredible hook, and some eerie cinematic effects.

If you’re looking for an immersive and terrifying musical experience - look no further than Personal War Machine. I’m tagging this one ‘highly recommended.’

Gray Lee