GREGG SKLOFF - "Mamua Baso Suite"

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Gregg Skloff - “Mamua Baso Suite”


Gregg Skloff creates cinematic passages of reflective droning sound on newly released Mamua Baso Suite. Armed with a contrabass and some other assorted items, This four track album is both meditative and tense. The opening track, Myth Point, is nine minutes of looping, undulating bass, buzzing with a resonant energy that brings to mind the trancelike sound of a didgeridoo. There is a force and magnetism in the layering of sound here that is brought to life with texture and movement.

With each successive track, Skloff introduces further movement and tension into his compositions, adding treble sounds to the already ominous atmosphere. If Myth Point was a quiet acceptance of impending doom, Coastline Berth is the arrival of that doom. The sound of Mamua Baso sharpens even further with Bare Byway, a track that practically simmers with present dangers. There are points at which the audio shapes into a howl of despair, as a dark wind of death sweeps across the world.

The closing track, Roasted Air, is a humid track of sonic discontent, with a nearby electric wail and bright stabs of treble memories. Overall, Mamua Baso Suite is a precisely executed selection of minimalism that takes you into the heart of destruction.

Gray Lee