PIOTR CISAK - "Matrix"


Piotr Cisak - “Matrix”

(Degenerate Trifecta)

Matrix is a collection of methodically damaged techno artistry, cracked and aged to glitch perfection. Broken strings of mechanical rhythms fuzz over each other and dissolve into a digital pool of clicks, pops, and disintegrated states. Threatening ambient garnishes slowly develop behind the main action.

Notable tracks include Kinross, a track built with a heavy-duty industrial factory sound, with a pulsating beat and light glitched details. Gdańsk, Poland-based artist Piotr Cisak is not afraid to let the sound develop and grow in its own time. Aggressive beats and chaotic electronica dominate the seven-minute track, Leatherface. Relentless Heweliusz, built from a thundering techno beat and a charge of mechanical energy, boasts a healthy thud, hidden beneath layers of broken and demolished sounds.

Dedication to a style makes this release a cohesive listen, and is a rulebook for any creator inspired to generate this type of work. Grab yourself a copy of this and enjoy the driving beats, and multi-layered details of damage, destruction, and digital decay.


Gray Lee