BONNIE BAXTER - "Cobweb Sensations"


Bonnie Baxter - “Cobweb Sensations”

(Kill Alters)

Bonnie Baxter returns with this psychedelic grind of pulsating noise fury, Cobweb Sensations. An experimental trip through a psychedelic landscape of chopped sounds and headless rhythms, Cobweb Sensations is a silverware drawer full of insects and hospital nightmares. Prepare yourself for disembodied vocals, cranked patterns of distilled violence, and flowery passages of poisonous flora vibration.

Empty paint cans full of radio signals spill onto scrambled patterns of speech on the track, I Fit. Peals of electronic miasma scatter across ping-ponged digital beats in Blasted With the Sword, which leads directly into a shadowy buzzing tension and sliced and echoed vocal samples draw the listener in for the kill on the outstanding track, Cats in a Birdcage.

Cobweb Sensations is an excellent follow-up to Bonnie Baxter’s incredible release last year, Ask Me How Satan Started. Both releases are powerfully compelling works of audio collage intensity, delivered with a razor sharp precision that borders on uncanny. I highly recommend this to you audio adventurers.

Gray Lee