ACEF STRIPE - "Renascent"


ACEF STRIPE - “Renascent”

Renascent is a collection of intricate electronic compositions by Longmont, Colorado-based musician David Svrjcek. These winding corridors of convoluted synth sound are full of color, detail, and imagination - much like the brightly painted cover art.

The album opens with Renascent, a meandering journey built from a steady beat and several stacked loops of electronic sound. Acef Stripe is quite skilled at creating electronic music that buzzes electronic precision, but resonates with the influence of a human heart. This is evident in the second track, Hourglass, which invokes classical pastoral works within the framework of technological instrumentation. A warm wave of ambient synth lays the groundwork, as rhythms and melodies harmoniously wind their way across the surface. Another standout track, Second Chances, pushes forward the idea of referencing past styles with a fresh lens.

Renascent is an excellent collection of electronic selections that transcend their mechanical means and land squarely in emotive expression.

Gray Lee