WHETTMAN CHELMETS - "Doesn't Remember"


Whettman Chelmets - “Doesn’t Remember”

(Strategic Tape Reserve)

The ever-prolific Whettman Chelmets has just released a synth and sample-laden smorgasbord of atmospheric and vapor-riffic goodness. Doesn’t Remember takes the listener back to a time both eerily familiar and perplexingly unfamiliar.

Fans of Whettman’s earlier work will hopefully recognize his signature ambient, shoegaze sound. (It’s been a long time so click here, here and here in case you’re drawing a blank.)

If they haven’t forgotten already, long-time fans may also recognize his sampling and remixing expertise from his collaboration with Qoheleth on the deconstruction of their debut album. (Yeah, I know. That’s like ancient history. Click here to jog your fading memory.)

However, on Doesn’t Remember, stylistic direction and self-looting of source material break the mold of Whettman’s previous work.

Doesn’t Remember marks Whettman’s first venture into vaporwave territory. “The main inspiration was getting into vaporwave and vaporwave production techniques,” Whettman hazily recalled. Recollection Suite best represents his new forays into the genre.

Also, most plunderphonic artists plunder from other musicians long since deceased and forgotten. Whettman, however, pillages from his own treasure trove of original material, working primarily from four-track tapes recorded long, long ago in a distant eon of time.

“It was from a bunch of half-finished ideas in Fruity Loops. Just things recorded at home or with friends,” Whettman answered in a befuddled state as he struggled to remember where the original material came from and even if he was the one who recorded it originally. (He’s not even sure if he was in the same room when it was tracked. Kinda sad, right?)

Doesn’t Remember sets the perfect mood for those looking to forget and those struggling to remember. Click the link below to take a trip down or a trip away from memory lane. Not sure if you’ve already listened? Go ahead and double-check to be sure.


Theron Willis

Whettman Chelmets swims with the fishes. Well…at least for his new music video he does. Wait… Have I showed you this video before? I don’t quite recall…