MUKQS - "SD Biomix"

Mukqs-JCARD_Medium (1).png

Mukqs - “SD Biomix”

Mythical audio alchemist Max Allison once again summons the swirling mechanisms and darting digital divisions of his Mukqs persona, to create another work of tumbling aural collage, on a new Orange Milk Records release, SD Biomix.

Every particle of this release is precision crafted in real time within Mukqs’ bizarre electronic contraptions. Each layer of spontaneous sound builds a progression until it reaches a zenith of intensity and realization. These improvised sessions of computer skronk take on a life of their own, as piles of fragmented music dance in frenetic arcs that create unusual melodies and deeply textured rhythms. There is a deeply balanced feel to each piece of chaos Mukqs uses, giving the entire release a porcelain shimmer.

The opening track, Broken Rose begins with rapid waves of pure tones that cascade into machine-driven billows of mathematical jazz. A seven-minute saga, All Seven Gods of Fortune, features disintegrated MIDI flutes and driving beats that curl over until they collapse into echoing trails of spinning phrases. Another standout track, Petite Cake Set, begins with a beautiful damaged organ orchestra that softly spills ambient light onto shifting patterns of synth.

Overall, SD Biomix is a masterpiece of splintered delicacy that conjures wide open energy in its channels of sparkling glitches, and one of the best works of art to spring from Mukqs’ mean bean machine.

Gray Lee