Cyparissus - “Faun”

Faun is characterized by ethereal wisps of drone work that phase in and out of reality, never fully existing and yet bristling with a hidden power. The work is divided into tracks, but functions as one cohesive idea, a cool stillness of mood evoked by somber tones and diaphanous compositions.

Paired with curious track titles, and mysteriously layered cover art, Faun feels very much like a clue to a larger intrigue, as if it were a scrap of paper left on the floor of an empty room that drives one to ask questions. Deep, evolving drones click, and glitch out of track, haunting the puzzle at every turn.

Perhaps more clues can be found in the legend of Cyparissus, lover of Apollo, who mortally wounded his pet deer by accident. Stricken with grief, he threw his body over the deer and turned into a Cypress tree - a symbol of mourning that lasts through the ages. What else would an artist called Cyparissus name an album of melancholy ambient drones but Faun?

Overall, this brief encounter with the work of Cyparissus is a worthwhile and recommended listen.

Gray Lee