THUGWIDOW - "God of Light"


Thugwidow - “God of Light”

(Hellscape Records)

Thugwidow is dark, gritty drum and bass with outer space tendencies. It may remind the listener of all the vintage drum and bass we used to listen to in the middle of the night, long ago. All the formulas are there - kicking rhythms, driving electronica, and an impending feeling of foreboding. It is as if the God of Light is angry, and we are hiding in the shadows to escape wrath. Behind each surging track of whirling electronic mysticism, a cold darkness whips around us and whispers behind us.

God of Light is the pounding heartbeat of fight or flight, channeled into frantic digital hieroglyphs, carved into clandestine circles of stones on planets we have yet to discover in the spiraling mists beyond our atmosphere. It is the pulsating flash of synapses firing on overdrive, eyes darting - trying to make sense of the darkness. If you are prepared to enter a post apocalypse alien world, where dark energies lurk around every corner, and every moment is filled with hammering beats and damaged signals, prepare to enter the world of God of Light.

Gray Lee