TEST SUBJECTS - "Season 2: The College Years"


Test Subjects - “Season 2: The College Years”

Unpredictable musical jack-of-all-trades David Breather has more projects and releases than I can keep up with. This latest project is a team up with rapper Mad Science. Together this dynamic duo is known as the Test Subjects. This is their second release - following last year’s excellent EP, entitled Season Premiere.

Season 2: The College Years expands on the sound that Test Subjects began to explore in their first release. Beats are produced by David Breather and capture the old school, underground feel of early 90s hip hop, with plenty of samples from old films and backing loops flavored with fuzz, crackle, and thump. Of-kilter emcee Mad Science plays into these beats perfectly, bringing an aggressive style full of clever turns of phrase with fast-paced cadence. it’s like the Jerky Boys prank calling the Jetsons.

Highlight tracks include Tomorrow Tastes Great, built on a careening loop of orchestral jazz that builds tension, while Mad’s rhymes tumble out across it, and Crunch Bars, which perfectly balances a fierce rap attack with humorous sci-fi styling.

If you enjoyed Season Premiere, you probably already know about Season 2: The College Years. If you haven’t heard of either, it’s a good thing you just found out about this stuff. Test Subjects has stirred up a beaker full of off-beat weirdo hip hop that bubbles with rap attitude and simmers with oddball out-of-print-black-and-white-movie ephemera that is just what the mad scientist ordered.

Gray Lee