CLAIRE ROUSAY - "Several Erasures"


Claire Rousay - “Several Erasures”

(Already Dead Tapes)

Experimental percussionist Claire Rousay creates tightly controlled works of ultra-minimalism that gleam with texture and purpose that challenge classification or description. The feeling that Several Erasures produces is one of detail and intimacy - close sounds of movement in another room, and the comfort of hearing a loved one moving in the circles of a daily routine.

In Several Erasures, Claire Rousay delivers an unusual blend of percussive noises that appear deceptively random at first - but each sound is carefully chosen and performed, creating a precise record of human movement in a space, much like our loved one in the other room. Claire produces this microscopic vignette of living life with each percussive sound, comforting the listener with the ease, confidence, and efficiency at which the artist goes about this mysterious task.

With a tightly controlled design, and powerful definition, this release captivates with the unknown and satisfies with the familiar - to create a wholly unusual audio experience, rooted in natural acoustic movement, but heightened by aural artistry. There is no tangible world beyond that of the artist’s hands and the objects that occupy this small sphere of existence. All is silent but the movement of things within reach. Intense, solemn, and poetic - Several Erasures is as balanced as it is chaotic, as earthen as it is imaginative. Give this work of fine art a listen, and see what you can hear in it.

Gray Lee