MELVL - "Live at the Crystal Palace"


MELVL - “Live at the Crystal Palace”

(Grimalkin Records)

Melvl is a dark ambient artist who creates lush soundscapes built from classical-sounding chants over an intense electronic compositions. In the new lathe cut from Grimalkin Records, Live at the Crystal Palace, we hear Melvl performing two of their musical pieces. A thundering cacophony of sound fills the room as a beautiful voice floats above, curling and echoing brilliantly in the misty air.

These live performances glow with a wild energy that blurs the line between electronic music and mystical incantations. The vibrant vocals that rise above the tumultuous chaos in the opening track, Ite, missa es, fell as though they were stolen from another astral plane and suspended within the stony ruins from which they echo. The second track Love You, Lucien, continues the haunting feel, as the background shifts from a climactic conflict to a solemn requiem of desolation.

The shadowy elegance of this performance, combined with the raw element of recording it live, lends a unique quality to the listening experience.

Further works from Melvl offer a continuation of the experience:

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