Skraeckoedlan - “Äppelträdet”

(The Sign Records)

Swedish stoner-rock band Skraeckoedlan has re-released their seminal 2011 debut album Äppelträdet.

This album represented a watershed for the Swedish underground music scene, and The Sign Records now brings this epic release to an international audience.

This band of Swedes describes their music as “fuzz-science fiction rock.” Fans of Mastodon will find much to like with their sound while not finding a copycat or derivative clone.

Their band name roughly translates to “lizard of horror” which describes their style perfectly. Imagine a prehistoric Scandinavian behemoth groovily galloping to thunderously heavy riffs and you’ve got the picture. Check out Soluppgång and Chronos for a couple of the best cuts.

Though they sing mostly in their native Swedish, their unfamiliar language does not impede the enjoyment of their music. Indeed, their vocal melodies are so catchy that you’d hum along even if they sang in Swahili. Tracks like Cactus and Haven infect your ear so forcibly that it even shames the earworms in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

The re-release of Äppelträdet does not show a band nostalgically pining for their better days but rather a band confidently striding forward while reaffirming their roots.

“The reissue of Äppelträdet is, in a somewhat allegorical sense, a celebration of what has been and to a certain extent of what still is but it also serves as a kind of bridge to what will be. ” stated the band. “These are our roots and they grow deep.”

If you are new to Skraeckoedlan, take this opportunity to get in on the ground floor like it’s 2011 all over again.

Theron Willis