DINO FELIPE - "Citrus Scenarios"


DIno Felipe - “Citrus Scenarios”

(Gay Records)

Swirling eddies of fuzzy electronica and nearby noises are the introduction to the adventure of sound, Citrus Scenarios, brought to us by Dino Felipe. Distorted and stuttering loops of rhythmic sound are overlaid with small intrusions of noise and wisps of warbled samples, which drift in and out of reality in odd ways.

There is no map on this journey. If there was, it would just be a line drawing of some oranges, each one with a different personality. Some tracks include recognizable features such as the hazy radio or television signals and ringing telephones of Tropik. Other tracks, such as the very excellent Diamond Life, seem more synth based, with a glitched, haunted arcade feeling.

The entire release has an artistic lock on mood, striking a neat balance between formless ambient wanderings, and playful manipulations of collected sounds. Recommended for the adventurous among you, who value going off-road to find hidden treasures.

Gray Lee