MARSHA FISHER - "Inverted"

Marsha Fisher - “Inverted”

(Bad Cake Records)

Lincoln, Nebraska sound artist Marsha Fisher brings us this thirty-six minute collection of analog manipulated recordings, for a sacred audio experience that simmers with regenerative audio sensations. Inverted resonates with the purity and warmth of softly imperfect tape loops, unburdened by modernity. Each of the six tracks included in this audio work is a lovingly crafted document of transcendent cassette glory, produced entirely outside of contemporary technological means, giving this release the magical energy of sounds being shaped as clay is shaped by hands to form a smooth, tactile sculpture.

Tracks such as …of the south sea, and Hyacinth buzz with high-temperature mechanical energy interwoven with rough canvases of undulating ambient detail. Other offerings on the record such as Darkness, Also Light offer a more diaphanous sound, swirling with vibrating light and gently drifting fields of meditative bliss, bringing to Inverted a careful balance of concentration and imagination, concept versus task.

Overall, Inverted is a satisfyingly tangible cassette, bristling with varied sounds laden with hidden and ancient powers, and a worthy addition to the collection of any adventurously experimental explorer of the ambient.

Gray Lee