[Slept On Alert] BIG DEBBIE - "AB RA CA DEB RA"

Big Debbie - “AB RA CA DEB RA”

(Ratskin Records)

Confession: I got this album a few months ago, listened to the first couple of tracks, said “Woah this is gonna be good.” to myself, and then promptly got involved in a bunch of other things and NEVER listened to the rest of it until just now.

This was a mistake.

Sure, we’re only human - and there is no way I can give every album the attention it deserves - but now that I’ve given this release several listens, I must say I am completely at fault for sleeping on this record.

AB RA CA DEB RA is a bit of an enigma. It’s got the “see what we did there” title, and the mysterious cover art. Even the name of the band had me wondering what to expect. The first track is a mind-blowing tension build with pounding rhythms, wild synth, and mysterious chanting that already were impressive in their scope, patience and execution.

By the time the lead singer steps up to the mic and begins belting out a monotone drawl of seedy lyrics in the second track Headbanger’s Balls, AB RA CA DEB RA is in fill swing, a powerful dirge of threatening synthwave, full of non-innuendos and bawdy, backroom lyrics. This album sounds like an industrial Kraftwerk cover band taking a 3AM smoke break from their gig at an underground, invite-only BDSM club, only to break out their instruments and cover ‘The Lady in the Radiator song’ except with lusty, unforgivable lyrics and a lot of heaving and thrusting.  

Every track on the record has a noticeable bulge of blistering drums, nasty electronics, and foreboding, bone breaking atmosphere. The whole record crunches with bloodcurdling, sadistic glee, and feels an awful lot like the blaring background music on procedural crime shows when they cut to a shot of the mustachioed serial killer walking into the dive bar to look for his next kidnapping victim.

Highlight tracks include Mouth Wide Open (Your Eyes,) the insane opening track with unrelenting waves of psychotic drums and nefarious incantations, Sea Priestess, a lengthy psychotropic journey down a long sloping tunnel of echoing vocals and plinking organs, and Modern Pagan Dance Trance, which pairs what sounds like a prison song chorus with droning instrumentals and unstoppable drums.

Overall , AB RA CA DEB RA is a real, certified banger that is now easily one of my favorite albums. Looks like at time of publication, there are still copies of this available on vinyl, provided you have a record player sinister enough to play this sick record.

Gray Lee