WILLIAM LYON OF ROSYCROSS - "Alter in der Fülle"


William Lyon of Rosycross - “Alter in der Fülle”

(Cudighi Records)

Mother and Father always wanted you to listen to sensible music when you grew up, and now here you are, looking up another weirdo album on a weirdo website. What brought you to this shameful point in your life? No, don’t bother turning back - it’s a done deal now. You might as well lean into it and enjoy yourself. A good way to start would be with this highly enjoyable piece of musical obscurity.

This guy. THIS guy just released an album that you can’t not know about.

This guy. THIS guy just released an album that you can’t not know about.

Alter in der Fülle is a new release from self-described “demi-crossdressing Christian goth synthpop artist,” William Lyon of Rosycross - and the album description alone is worth the visit to the page for the release. IN summary, William describes a musical work recorded over a long period of time under the duress of being an absolutely pathetic individual. After the over-the-top self deprecation from this artist, you may be suprised to learn that this release is an absolute banger. An essential listen from an unlikely place.

“But what does it sound like, Gray” I can hear you asking, “After all, that’s what I really want to know.”

This release sounds like fictional music created for a tragically uncool failed musician character in a British single-camera sitcom in the early 2000s utilizing musical styles that were out of style before they were even created. Out of his wacky bucket of quirky beats, Korg-heavy synth hooks, and bizarre lyrics delivered in a britcom accent, William Lyon manages to make some of the most entertaining and deviously catchy songs I have heard in a long time.

It’s all a careful balance between overcooking the character, loading the track with CDC-level infectious lines, and writing that is intentionally nonsensical lyrics and song concepts that are just too good. I’ve had a hard time trying to pick out highlights because the whole album is gold. Consider these priceless lines from I don’t Want a Woman WIth a Physical Body:

Now everybody’s saying that sex is fluid/

So I went to the forest and I asked my druid/

Why they never compare sex to the air?/

Crash and you burn when you fly up there/

Compare it to a fire, that the fire burns/

Hot to the touch and you’ll never learn/

In fact, I probably would have had this review written a lot sooner, but I just end up playing the hell out of this album and never writing anything about it. Curse you, William Lyon of Rosycross, for your ridiculous music that I cannot stop listening to! I want to go back to my old life, when I enjoyed respectable music - but NO! In the dead of night, I’m waking up singing Protestant Body and a Catholic Mind. Am I singing it out loud- or is it just being screamed in my head? I don’t even know anymore.

Overall, Alter in der Fülle is the most fun you can have in a puffy shirt. I highly recommend.

Gray Lee