SB THE MOOR - "Spirit Realm.Final"


SB the Moor - “Spirit Realm.Final”

(Deathbomb Arc)

From the energetic opening notes of this powerful new release, SB the Moor lets us know that there is no category that can hold them prisoner. Drawing from pop, rap, R&B, metal and a myriad of other styles, Spirit is both timeless and ephemeral. It carefully balances edgy, emotive performances by rapper and vocalist Signor Benedick with off center, hard hitting production that embraces contemporary styles, only to crush them.

In a world where bravado, swagger, and hyperbole are currency used to buy respect, SB the Moor brings us intense compositions of experimental hip hop that explore sadness,  countered with strength, understanding, and artistry. In the opening track, Hidden Temple, SB illustrates the mental process of retreating to a spiritual place of peace to rebuild power to deal with the difficulty and injustice of the world.

“Use my intuition

Find my hidden temple

gotta heal myself

cause I done gave up on my mental”

On Pain (Sun God), SB adds a hard metal edge to rap vocals to create an aggressive track full of kinetic movement and heat. In contrast, the track Feels Right :0 is a laid back jam built on a groovy bass guitar beat and an infectious chorus where SB wants “to do what feels right.”

What feels right is to listen to this album on repeat, which is what we have been doing here at HM headquarters for the last couple of months. Spirit is a powerful release bolstered by unconventional performances and varied instrumentation and style that lends itself to be listened to.

Gray Lee