R∞ - "000"


R∞ - "000"

It seems like a lot of difficult-to-categorize music falls under the vaporwave banner these days. Unique electronic artist R∞ brings us 000, which is just the sort of music I was referring to. In this work, R∞ is giving us everything and nothing all at once. Tantalizing us with intricately detailed cover art, but using the most minimal, numeric track titles as possible, R∞ is loading the release with expectations, realities, and the mystery in between.

000 is a rhythmic journey through a lush, untamed world with hypnotic synth loops, ambient fills, and perhaps an occasional referential audio sample. All of these things blend together to create a cocktail of heady, psychotropic entertainment, both compelling and peaceful, like lucid dream. What’s it all about? I have no idea. I’m not sure I care. Each movement of the work brings a new interest, while maintaining focus with repeated sounds and motifs that punctuate the forward motion of the experience.

Churning with natural sounds, swirling lines of electronica, and overgrown with mystique, 000 delivers a satisfying ride through the tangled, shadowy jungles of imagination - full of enigmatic ancient ruins and untold dangers.

Gray Lee