ME, CLAUDIUS - "Good Diz, Bad Bird"


Me, Claudius - “Good Diz, Bad Bird”

(Bezirk Tapes)

Scottish ambient/noise artist Me Claudius brings her unique talent to bezirk tapes with good diz bad bird, a presentation of found sound and field recorded aural experiment, Good Diz bad bird is an expertly crafted sonic poem constructed from foley metaphor and tape looped passages.  This release is comprised of three longform tracks, the first of which is the sidelong title track, that begins with a series of minor piano chords that get chopped up, stuttered, and looped early in the mix. Other elements are brought into play, but the disfigured piano samples remain a constant motif.

Me Claudius is a patient artist who experiments with the passage of time in increasingly unconventional, and often disconcerting, ways. The second side of this release, two tracks entitled Lifestyle 1 and Lifestyle 2 are just as displaced and unpredictable as the title track. The piano is abandoned in favor of sliced beats and field sounds that hover abstractly around a central disconnection. The closing movement of this work revolves around a looped beat with tape manipulated sounds swirl through, that resembles a front-end-loader full of disparate sounds and realities being dumped into your subconscious thoughts.

The twists and turns that good diz bad bird takes give a suspended depth to the release that is out of sync with the universe we normally inhabit. And while the western ear strains to hear a pattern or discern the plan, know that there is a plan, but the listener is certainly not privy to it. It is best to accept the music as it comes.

Overall, good diz bad bird is a beautiful conglomeration of expertly jumbled pieces of sound, tossed about in a way that is hardly random. An intelligent force resides beyond these fragmented pathways, observing and directing the chaos blithely, as the listener rides the waves.

Gray Lee