[Album of the Month] VINYL DIAL - "Space Wizard"


Vinyl Dial - “Space Wizard”

(Flamingo Vapor)

Space Wizard is a wide-angle, prog-synth explosion of complex compositions, bursts of anthemic power, and energetic futuristic fun. Built from layers of tightly managed electronic instrumentation, UK artisan,Vinyl Dial, wields a uniquely honed power to spin an upbeat, concept-driven architecture of driving rhythms, soaring melodic themes, and dense world-building atmospheres.

The album is engineered to continuously flow from one varied musical idea to the next, which can be felt right away as album opener, Into the Oversky, leads from cloudgazing wonderment, to ramping forward momentum that transitions into the tense technological interplay of Areonausea. The story hook is here - presenting the first set of problems for the protagonists. Spectral Universe is a spaced-out break in the action to admire the grandeur of it all. Sparse, computerized vocals add storyline to the action.

Fast-paced thriller, Solar Sands, gives us the first furious space battle, with plenty of intricate, sweeping note runs that are almost vaguely Celtic, while Anunnaki is a cooler, jazzier number, with flirty synth embellishments and fuzzy guitar fills.

The closing track, Bad Trip is a sidelong arrangement that defies comprehension. The compositional movements in this grand final chapter of the Space Wizard story are worth repeat explorations.

Space Wizard is an entertaining and engrossing oddysey of electronic prog rock that we highly recommend. It is an energetic exploration of theme with enough artfully managed intricacy to become a favorite repeat listening experience.

Gray Lee