ELK - "Phase One"


ELK - "Phase One"

For their debut, Ohio-based band ELK rocks a 90s grunge style mired to the knees in sludge and buzzed by a contact high of stoner rock. This Midwestern foursome serves up deliciously thick and heavy grooves like a Brazilian steakhouse waiter slicing off meat from the skewer.

Some choice cuts that swing hard with a bluesy, juicy feel include So Long Humans, Ready to Die and The Levee Broke to name a few. Of course, these beefy musical entrees are garnished with the compulsory downer lyrics of depression, defeat and destructive behavior. “I think I’m ready to die,” the singer contemptuously croons in a characteristically grungy wail on the wrist-slitter of a song Ready to Die. He then ominously intones “I am the Void,” on the slow and sludgy outro of the uplifting track titled (you guessed it!) I am the Void.

Unlike a Brazilian steakhouse that has you breaking into meat sweats and begging “NO MORE!!!” after the third course, the ELK debut is a lean 38 minutes of eight sensible portions...er…songs. For the final course...er...song, ELK channels some early TOOL riffage and experimentation on the eleven-and-half-minute closer Until We Meet Again.

Until we hear from this band of Ohioans again, click the link below to satisfy your grunge craving. Ripped jeans and self-loathing not required but strongly suggested. No stretchy pants needed, however.


Theron Willis

P.S. ELK guitarist Brian Buckley also slings his six string for the stoned and spaced out Weed Demon. Check out our review of their latest release here.

Spiral into cosmic nothingness with ELK’s music video for I Am The Void!!!