Regeneron Vertex - "Geneworks"

(Asura Revolver)

Mysterious musical artist Regeneron Vertex brings us this strange electronic work filled with nature sounds and unusual electronic compositions. According to Asura Revolver, this release has a somewhat mysterious origin - having been sent to the label by some unknown party, who then did not respond to any of the correspondence from the label.

Fortunately, that didn't stop Asura from sharing this music with us. Geneworks is an engaging release that soothes the listener with natural sounds while presenting puzzling compositions that, at times, seem to pose darker questions. 

Rushing water, bird calls, and other field recordings populate Geneworks. Occasionally, ambient electronica, or well timed beats arrive to compliment or contrast the environs that Regeneron conjures. As the compositions ebb and flow, dark undertones creep in, never overshadowing the vision of the overall work, but tinting the outcome to a less joyful shade. 

What Regeneron appears to present to the listener is a audio tapestry of a peaceful utopia that perhaps is embroidered with sorrow. Will we see more from this elusive artist? Will our questions about this work ever be answered? It may be possible that the mystery only adds another level of interest to this polished, evocative piece.

Gray Lee