FLAMINGO VAPOR - "The Audacity of Hope"


Flamingo Vapor - "The Audacity of Hope"

(Flamingo Vapor)

"Do it
Just do it

Don't let your dreams be dreams
Yesterday you said tomorrow
So just do it
Make your dreams come true
Just do it

Some people dream of success
While you're gonna wake up and work hard at it
Nothing is impossible

You should get to the point
Where anyone else would quit
And you're not going to stop there
No, what are you waiting for?

Do it
Just do it
Yes you can
Just do it
If you're tired of starting over
Stop giving up " - Shia LaBeouf

The greatest motivational speech ever created in the history of mankind is the famous 'Just do it' speech that eccentric actor and actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf released on the internet a few years ago - and this speech, (sampled in the opening track, Just Do It, by Sheep,) was the appropriate way to begin this unique compilation of vaporwave music

What makes this sprawling 41 track compilation different from others? In order to be included on this compilation, the one requirement was that each artist create their contributions entirely in Audacity, the legendary freeware audio editing software, often used by burgeoning independent artists because of its intuitive interface and its lack of a price tag.

I myself recorded my first EP many years ago with an old hand-me-down PC and Audacity. It's a suprisingly versitile DAW considering that it is freeware. There certainly are limits compared to other, more robust programs, so I was interested to see what this compilation was going to be like.

This album is overwhelming in scope, but highlights include Keyboard Dust by Vinyl Dial, a jazzy futurevape with smooth keyboards and flutes over a shimmering ambient wall, Endless by Abandoned実体, a larger than life drone swell with orchestral vibrations that evoke visions of light beaming down from the heavens, and FIREPOWER by Argiflex, a kicking drum & bass track with some enjoyable classic throwbacks.

What these artists were able to do in this compilation was to, first, celebrate Audacity, which was the first DAW many independent artists begin with, and then go beyond that to demonstrate that they were able to create quality work - no matter what software they are using to get the job done. The variety of genre and style in this release is wide-ranging, but still is arranged in a cohesive tracklist, curated by artist Valet_Girls.

If you are looking for a formidable release to sink your teeth into, Audacity of Hope may just be the album you were looking for. It’s a virtual who’s who of vapor & electronic artists that pulls many elements and styles together, in the glorious little program we all know and love, Audacity.

Gray Lee