BUCK YOUNG - "Proud Trash Sound"


Buck Young - "Proud Trash Sound"

(No Rent Records)

Yee Haw! Rope yourself to something solid, partner! We are about to embark on a journey through the rip roarin' world of Proud Trash Sound, a bizarre artifact of significant uniqueness indeed. 

What can be heard on this record is a spectacle of found sounds, scratched up recordings, sudden noise explosions, and dismembered saloon ballads. The opening number, Trash Sound, which treats us to mixed and scraped hog-call recordings, speckled with snatches of over-driven guitar, provides a good indication of what to expect on the rest of this release. A meld is formed between jumbled field recordings of vaguely western origin, gunfights on horseback where each shot is replaced with outbursts of harsh noise, or seedy country songs that have been disfigured in some butcher's dusty back room.

The completed work is reminiscant of the old viewing galleries, where one would wander from one diorama to the next, peering through dirty glass lenses at musty old curiosities that have not been well-maintained. There is a great amount of detail, variety and humor in each audio assembly - from the twangy voice demanding the whereabouts of a certain lady in Where's Linda, to distorted piano-looped tribute to a mysterious figure known as Murdoch, the amusement park ride through the demented reality of Proud Trash Sound continues until it screeches to a halt at I'm Gettin Better, a jolting track of bouncing noise freakouts and sliced and diced audio. 

This divine example of psycho cowboy electronics kicks harder than a swig of moonshine, and now is being re-released in LP format so that it can bloom to its full rusted glory. Revel in the nuance of every squeal and sqwawk, each deep fried vocal and roadkill music aesthetic. Brought to us courtesy of No Rent Records. 

Gray Lee