OXYKITTEN- "Attack of the Koala People"


Oxykitten - "Attack of the Koala People" 

(Field Hymns Records) 

Okay I got to admit. I was fooled.

With the name Oxykitten, I was expecting a fem-punk girl band shouting down the patriarchy with power chords, estrogen and aggression!!!

Instead, a peppy synth-wave sensation greeted my ears with the opener Sex Allowance Syndicate and the good vibes kept on rolling right to the very end.

As an album, Attack of the Koala People is a frolicsome romp through a 16-bit game of your childhood.

Make your menu item selections while the title track plays in the background. However, you may dawdle in the menu as synth lines layer upon one another competing for your attention.   

Press start and go with the song Kimsuylder! Jump over obstacles and stomp 2D enemies while a clinky piano and warm, fuzzy synthesizers trade off the melody line as other synths join in on the polyphonic revelry. You can even hear your token count ringing up!

Titanium Pachyderm may sound like a baddie for you to fight, but he’s actually a friendly hippo for you to ride on in the underwater level.  

I could go on and on, but overall Attack of the Koala People merrily concocts light and carefree melodies that pave the way for a stroll down memory lane when times were simpler and one little cartridge could hold you spellbound for hours on end.

I mean, even the album title sounds like a Super Nintendo game title that could have been on a Blockbuster shelf back when there were still Blockbusters and Super NES was the hottest thing around.

Theron Willis