KIELKROPF - "Ignorance is Bliss"


Kielkropf - "Ignorance is Bliss

(Sludgelord Records)

"The vultures have come to feed on our sorry bones." - Kielkropf

This hard-hitting, teeth-grinding, doom-wielding rockfest is like a sweaty MMA fight in a burning motorcycle shop.

Atop the throbbing bass, pounding drums, and crunching riffs, the throaty growl of lead singer Jerry is the finest instrument used on this record - he is a living embodiment of opaque, curling smoke, and carbon monoxide belching forth from super-heated chrome.

Throughout this release is a pulsating doom groove that rattles the listener around in a rusted metal box filled with despair and apathy. "Haven't you heard? It's dying time!" booms Jerry on the opening track, Blissful Ignorance, as Schmidi, Chri, and Fink lock in with drum, bass, and guitar to propel this death jam to the depths of the abyss. It's the most fun you'll ever have being completely hopeless! Take a minute and gaze upon the magnificent cover art. With those tigers and snakes leaping threateningly, presumably fighting each other for what's left of this broken world, while the bones of humankind bleach in the sun - it's a kaleidoscope of danger! 

This four track EP packs an album sized wallop that you might not be ready for. It's like two post-apocalyptic road thugs whipping each other with chains to prepare for battle - a little bit goes a long way! Eisenstadt, Austria based band Kielkropf bangs absolutely - from the slamming opening track Blissful Ignorance to the six minute grind of Soon I'll be gone, the blistering closer to this metal mayhem.

We recommend this record if you like good old fashioned heavy metal with no pretense or added frivolity. This is just a powerful acceleration through a sixth-story plate glass window into a pool of napalm.

Gray Lee