Inner Oceans - "Bless Vol. 2"

(Inner Oceans) 

Bless Vol. 2 is yet another quality compilation from Inner Oceans. This one is four hours of top-quality beat tape jams! 99 tracks of great low-fi instrumental hip hop that just won't quit. 

Bless Vol 2 is a fundraiser Inner Oceans is putting on to help a variety of people. From Inner Oceans' Bandcamp page: 

"100% of the proceeds from the sale of BLESS Vol.2 will be donated to a variety of Micro Loan programs for Women, Sustainable Water and Agriculture projects, Refugees, Education, Health Care and the Arts. The funds from the Micro Loans are paid back over time and it’s our promise to the supporters of this album that we will perpetually reinvest those funds back into future Micro Loans. This way the funds can continue to support people who need it for many years ahead."

A bunch of good music that can do some good in this world, Bless Vol 2. is available in digital, double cassette, or with a curated selection of the compilation on vinyl. We recommend you go have a listen. 

Gray Lee