RUNESCARRED-"We Are" [Videos Included!!!]


Runescarred-"We Are" 

Texas-based metal trio Runescarred has hit a home-run out of the park with their first release-the three-track EP We Are.

While they describe their sound as prog metal, I would classify them as just damn good modern metal that’s accessible and enjoyable to rock fans of all stripes.

Watch Runescarred's This is Mine!!!

Guitarist Tim Driscoll and drummer Payton Holekamp create an positively grooving combo of crushing riffs and thunderous drums. The perfect musical backdrop for vocalist Ven Scott who effortlessly switches between clean vocals and gutsy screams with a signature rasp. All the while, Scott enunciates so precisely that you can pick out almost every single word he says.

While these Texan titans certainly possess the chops for prog, they flex them quite modestly. They display their technical prowess only in brief bursts of searing guitar leads and exciting musical breaks that will tease you with their brevity and have you hankering for more.

This musical taste and restraint creates a tight and exciting release that won’t turn off hard-rock newcomers nor disappoint die-hard metal-heads.

Theron Willis

Runescarred's music vid for A Darker Man is absolutely brutal!