BARY CENTER - Betrayal


Bary Center - "Betrayal"

(Always Human Tapes)

Prolific electronic artist Bary Center pounds out another solid electro release with Betrayal. Where is the Betrayal? If you don't want to move your body - your body is about to betray you! These beats are intense, heartbeat-in-your-throat, edm pulses that will have you jerking your head like its a night at the Roxbury. Betrayal is like being punched in the ribcage repeadedly by a sexy robot. 

While this recording spikes cardiograms and has you jumping around like a malfunctioning grasshopper, it also coats every square inch of this vibe with a grimy, industrial atmosphere. As an aggressive 4/4 beat pummels your ears, bleak industrial sounds swell in the spaces between hits, and vocal samples mix in and out of each track softly speaking single words or small phrases nearby. On one such track - Gamut, Bary Center brings in a calm female voice that reads off a list of words, "fear, lonliness, guilt, anxiety, death" like a mantra. As the phrase is reapeated over and over, the intensity of the rhythm gradually rises higher and higher until the voice is blotted out. Perhaps Bary is trying to tell us that moving ourselves is the best way to counteract the repeated inner script that modern society has programmed into each of us. Maybe each one of us is just a sexy robot, repeating negative phrases and ideas we have been hypnotized to say from birth - and the only way to break the endless cycle is to dance your brains out, pump all the blood you have, give yourself a vibrant, pulsating chance at living. 

This hyper hit of head-nodding heavy duty hardware harassment is brought to you by Always Human Tapes, packaged with some eerie cover art of a stylized, severed leg, which I can only assume popped off some poor soul who just jammed this recording just a bit too hard. Crank this in your ride for maximum vibrations. It's Betrayal!

Gray Lee