PET - "Ten Thousand Years"


Pet - "Ten Thousand Years"

(Citrus City Records)

This dark album cover and gothic font pranked me perfectly. I was expecting Ten Thousand Years to be some kind of grungy excursion into angst - instead I ended up blasting this record in a parking lot on a lazy Saturday morning. 

There's a lot to love in this record, by Philadelphians and brothers Mike, Tom and Kieran, who bring their abandoned warehouse rock to cassette on this Citrus City re-release. Expect surging electric guitars, chunky bass and hot drums - laced with energetic anthems and entertaining hooks.

Pet invokes the dead-eyed abandon of 90s rock in the nearly title track 10,100 Years, which has a deviously simple walk down bassline that gets into your head, right through your ear holes. The bright, youthful indie sound of this record fits in perfectly with the Citrus City asthetic.

Head on over to Citrus City and grab a cassette of this rambunctiously riff heavy rock record.

Gray Lee