SEA GRAPES - "Deadbeat Dad"


Sea Grapes - "Deadbeat Dad"

(Community Radio Tapes) 

Community Radio Tapes label boss, Luke Janke, releases some of his own music as Sea Grapes, and offers us a quick peek into his songwriting mind on Deadbeat Dad

This six-track tape has a light, indie pop sound with some quirky, boundary-blurring musical choices and insightful lyrics. "I don't want to be a deadbeat dad," is the titular line here - a desire not to repeat mistakes made in the past by others. 

The Boulder, Colorado artist strikes me as a humble character who would rather talk about others than himself. These tracks are personal, and there is no posturing or grandstanding - just a guy in a bedroom or basement playing some tunes into a mic, employing acoustic instrumentation with electronic augmentations to create a bright, perky sound.

Although there are only 10 minutes of music on this recording, it has a nice, clean sound that is sure to secure this entire release in your playlist. 

Gray Lee