[Album of the Month] RANGERS - "Late Electrics"


Rangers - "Late Electrics"

(Doom Trip Records)

Rocker Joe Knight is no stranger to making good rock music, and Late Electrics is the epitome of what Knight is capable of. Merging powerful, head-nodding, guitar-based rock and roll with clever, quirky lyrics and unusual twists and turns of composition, this release delivers exactly what its cover art promises: bold lines, vivid colors, and riff-heavy fist-pump anthems that honor legendary rock technique without worshipping it - all tempered with a unique originality and humor.

That sense of wry wit inlaid into the trimwork of this release is the true backbone of the album - as Joe Knight delivers stanza-ending punchlines in a deadpan, disinctly non-musical way. Such as in Dutch Oven, where we hear about this fellow who experiences a series of failures:

Had a job interview/

Yesterday in his car/

But he fell asleep/

I dont think he'll get the job/

What locks it all in place is the skillfully arranged instrumentation, balancing surging tides of vintage-tinged rock fuzz with bright, clear synth work that plant firmly in your brain parts and won't budge. 

All in all, a mighty fine release that I'll be rocking in my personal time (read: in the car.) Pick up the tape or get it arranged in a series of zeroes and ones by the good folks over at Doom Trip. 

Gray Lee