THE GUILTY REMNANT - "The Guilty Remnant"


The Guilty Remnant - "The Guilty Remnant"

From the first haunting atmospheric synth tones through the closing flourishes of strings, The Guilty Remnant’s self-titled album is a low-fi odyssey of hindsight, loss, and regret. 

Woven throughout the record is evidence of both shared musical history and a wide variety of diverse tastes, pointing to a musical proficiency that can only be achieved through passionate, unyielding study and repetition. Layer upon carefully crafted layer of instrumentation set to heavy rhythms underscore Andrew Dosher’s severe vocalizations. The lyrics are both introspective and narrative in nature, and when combined with Dosher’s voice, an easy comparison can be drawn with alt-folk artists like the Mountain Goats. The Guilty Remnant, however, is heavier, dirtier.

This album is bruised knuckles and cigarettes. It is a newer, more genuine take on Americana. Americana-core.

Mark H. Jones

Editor's note: The Guilty Remnant was featured by Mark on episode #7 of The Hoodoo Music Podcast. Great interview and live recorded music here: