QUALCHAN - "One Hundred Years"

Qualchan - "One Hundred Years"

(Czaszka Records)

Synths, tape loops, and field recordings all effortlessly blend together to paint a portrait of an ever changing world. 100 Years is a reflection on how humanity has made Earth a very different place than what it once was.

The first track begins with some vaguely mechanical sounds, presumably some type of device that transports the listener to a prehistoric time, before man existed. There is a wild optimism that follows, as glowing rivers of synth wash over the track, spilling the youthful vibrant echoes of a young planet. Filled with lush jungles, and sharp, frozen mountaintops, every skyline is vacant of human presence. As time progresses through this audio piece, ominous sounds begin to intrude on paradise. Dark, artificial coldness interrupts the rich, dense meditations of peacefulness. As time nears our own era, radio frequencies and interference overtake what was once sacred ground, and death begins to replace life.

There is a well-orchestrated sense of interplay and balance in Qualchan's work. Each sound zone the listener passes through is a call and response with past being answered by present.  There are also details and themes throughout this storyline that repeated listens can more easily reveal.

Gray Lee