HEART EYES - "Whatver it is, Whenever You Feel Like it"


HEART EYES - "Whatever it is, Whenever You Feel Like it"

(Community Radio Tapes)

Delicate crystalline snowflake synths dance on the night air. A low, warm ambience forms below on the ground, almost orchestral in its build. A fuzzy guitar is strummed thoughtfully, while a gentle back beat settles in behind.

This meditative release of soul-soothing shoegaze bliss can catch you off guard with such a non-committal title, but make no mistake - as casual as it may appear on the surface, Whatever it is, Whenever You Feel Like it is thought out in a well-constructed and intentional way.

Heart Eyes creates a layered musical atmosphere that is just as controlled as it is comfortable. Some noise & field recorded elements are woven into carefully composed transitions that lead the listener's ear from one environment to another. The music completes with jangly bursts of guitar that pull the listener out of the superimposed reality, and allows one to waken to their own surroundings before departing.  

Gray Lee