CRYOSTASIUM - "The Possessor"


Cryostasium - "The Possessor"

(Metropolitan State Productions)

This is some weird metal mess, my friends. It is some left field, mind-twisting, crazy sauce.

There is some sort of cryptic, midnight cinema vibe here that's difficult to pinpoint. Certainly, there is a deeper story going on here. Oh, no mistake - it is a psychologically disturbed, rampantly disorienting story - but it's still a story.

The main conflict between two powerful opposing forces is illustrated, within this audio tale, by a furiously paced black metal opus, broken up into several chapters. It is a horrific struggle between the protaganist and some unholy being imbued with unnatural strength of force. The chord progressions of the guitar part on this are devilishly unpredictable, but still spiral in the same patterns throughout. Drums thrash, and the monster menaces as the battle is fought across a grand stage. 

There are breaks from the main action where we follow another storyline involving a lot of ambient, noisy searching and questioning. Before any answers are ever found - the action switches back to the main event for another round of conflict. This continues for a few cycles before the story concludes itself. 

If your cranium is itching for a twisting, look no further than this wound up metal psycho-ride.

Gray Lee