156 - "Memento Mori

156 - "Memento Mori"

They say, "dead men tell no tales," but in Memento Mori, this chilling offering from 156, the dead speak volumes. That's because this release was made with a unique set of instruments - human bones. 

Masterminded by prolific artisan Adel Souto, 156 has a history of creating striking noise releases with any number of objects or instruments that work to engage the listener, but Memento Mori is a more focused and primitive work due to strict adherence to a 'bones  only' rule. Every sound made on this recording is made with bones, from percussive elements, such as scratching, tapping, or more 'melodic' methods of forcing air through hollow or carved bone. 

The variety of texture and detail that 156 is able to achieve with these bones is impressive. Each handcrafted track was painstakingly crafted to maximize utilization of bone sounds. As a result, the entire work has a rich sense of history and ritual, rhythm and power. 

Though the objects used are from the dead, the music itself is vibrant, and pulsating with a mystical reverence for life. From the very first track, Kokoro, intricately layered sounds are artfully woven together to create a stunning and evocative aural experience. Rapidly pounding beats found on A Swarm of Butterflies, are a stage upon which life itself dances across, weaving in and out, breathing its breath through the scattered, cold remains, giving them warmth and sentience. On Chödpa, howling creatures call out into the night sky through the use of various types of bone whistles, that when used, create extraordinarily organic vocalizations. 

The commitment, and artistic vision of 156 in the creation of Memento Mori, result in a rare audio artifact that belongs in a hidden sacred temple just as much as on your music shelf. The album was released on 10" vinyl in an hand-numbered edition of 489.


The 10" edition of Memento Mori is an ideal addition to any collection of strange, exotic oddities.