[Album of the Month] QUICKSAILS - "The Bright"


[Album of the Month] Quicksails - "The Bright"

(Hausu Mountain)

Your noggin is toast. Grip this jam with a white-knuckle fierceness previously thought to be unattainable. Gritty, mechanical percussion builds the textured bridge that one must cross to reach the synth hereafter. Bubbling non-melodies challenge the auditory canal, and reprogramming dangling brain stalactites with abstract intellectual geometries.

Tiger Hatchery alum Ben Billington sits upon his crystalized throne, hurling dark energies from his furious brow. Molten waves of pulsating audio wash over the channel of consciousness. The first five tracks of this interdimensional mind puzzle are straight up Quicksail magic in the classic fashion - But don't discount the four remixes that follow. These are anything but filler. The powerful elixir of Quicksails is not diluted by the stigmatized concept of remixing. Instead, each guest artist here wields the weapon of The Bright to create their own sonic realms.

The Bright is pure artistry, tempered by technical prowess, resulting in a fulfilling completed work. 

Gray Lee