Dracula Facts - "Undead"

(Captain Crook Records)

I'm not sure how many facts on this record ended up being  about Dracula, or the undead, but it's a surprisingly fun release full of off-beat humor and catchy melodies. 31 minute and a half songs, played mostly on ukulele, are lively tunes about cyborgs and ghosts, but mostly just fast-paced shoegaze tunes.

The standout hit is Cute Cyborg, asking the question "How do you always pass your own protocol checks?" 

This release is like hanging out on your friend-down-the-street's back porch in Eugene, Oregon, and passing a uke back and forth improvising funny songs with each other. It's comforting in some wholesome way. Sometimes, after a day out in the wicked world, trying to get by - maybe a little wholesome comfort is what you need. 

Gray Lee