[Album of the Month] YOUNG SCUM -"Young Scum"


Young Scum - "Young Scum"

(Citrus City)

Richmond rockers Young Scum jingle and jangle their way into your ear holes for their eponymous debut album.

With their vibrant and energetic music propelling their melancholy musings on life and love, they embody indie power pop at its finest.

Case in point is the opening track Wasting Time. This tight, little tune opens with some lush picked-out chords and then, after a quick drum build-up, gets right down to business with the whole band kicking in and vocalist/guitarist Chris Smith crooning about his quarter-life crisis.

Was I naive to think/
At 25 I’d have at least/
One thing figured out?

This entire album is chock-full of these lyrical pearls that speak right to the heart of the millennial malaise.

The music and vocal melodies are so damn catchy, however, that you’ll find yourself tapping your feet and humming along without even realizing how much of a downer the actual words are.

No need to worry about any subliminally-induced depression though. Like blues music, these songs have a cathartic quality of expunging your negative feelings so that you can face the 9-5 workday with a spring in your step and a catchy tune on your lips.

Theron Willis