VEN PERP - "Enough"


Ven Perp - "Enough"

 Bearded denizen of upstate South Carolina DIY spaces, Ven Perp, climbs into a quintessential southern blues-hop jam entitled Enough. This EP is a stripped-down, minimal expression of what is real - with no pretense, no hype. 

Previously known for pushing out honestly independent home-recorded raps, Ven Perp shows another facet on this basement jam, a guitar hooked, bluesy document of confident, naked reality. Ven sings his lyrics instead of spitting them in this cement floor, bare-bulb, country poetry of a hard working man who just won't quit. 

Each of these five tracks is a testament to overcoming life's hardships through genuine expression. In I Don't Fit, Perp exposes the lonliness of being unique. In Those Who Can't, Critique, he calls out naysayers for tearing down others. In Difficult Knowledge, Perp utilizes a piano loop and some satisfyingly scratchy lead guitar to accentuate a song about embracing the moment and living life to the fullest. "Sometimes darkness is all I know/ All this pain that's in my soul," he sings in a low, streetwise voice.  Looking back in E is a groovy, bass-infused jam.

If you are looking for a smoky, back-room jam with some real folks who just want to get it out there, check out Enough. 

Gray Lee