SCIENTIST - "Barbelith"



(Sludgelord Records)

The gates of the infernal abyss have been opened and out from its hellish maw spews forth the unrelenting sonic onslaught of Barbelith; the latest offering of impending doom and existential anguish from metal pioneers, Scientist.

Scientist mires you in the sludgiest of sludge, pulling you deeper and deeper into a bottomless morass of pessimism and doom with a siren song of stoic surrender. Inexplicably and without warning, the band will decide to thrash you with brutally precise syncopated hits of guitars and drums and then further pummel you into submission with the blackest of black metal blast beats as you sink further and further into the insatiable pit.

Just when your soul has been all but swallowed up completely, the light of the transcendent and sublime beckons you with dreamy, spacey interludes and ethereal soundscapes. You feel your soul rising from the filth and departing your defiled earthly form only to be pulled kicking and screaming back into the pit by another blitzkrieg of blast beats.

Scientist does not sadistically revile in your plight of failed transcendence but commiserates with you as another fallen being trapped in this hell of existence. The only difference is that they are able to articulate such wretchedness of being in a brutal yet beautiful masterpiece. Giving voice to your deepest, darkest feelings of despair and yearning.

Theron Willis