CYBORG EYE - "Demo 1983"


Cyborg Eye - "Demo 1983"

(Ratskin Records) 

Mysterious duo Cyborg Eye throw down the robot gauntlet in this all-too-brief glimpse into the cybertronic future of earth, where the machines have won. These two electronic prophets, known only as Cyborg V and Cyborg D, skip straight to the end of the story with a twelve minute synth-looped, beat-laden end credits sequence called Dawn Cut (Extended Version.)

This track is followed by a deleted extra fight scene titled Visitor, that is dominated by aggressive knuckle popping, numchuck twirling, and gathering of henchmen, culminating in passages of synth hooks and drum breaks. It is a face-off like no other, that will end in bloodshed - because the robots win in the end.  

Gray Lee