Chum - "G*D*P*"


CHUM - "G*D*P"

(Power Lunch Corporation) 

This highly "herbal" release from CHUM is just what you need to kick off any totally made up holiday! That's right, you can rock this potent blend of plundered thrash rock riffs and enjoyable testimony about America's favorite vegetation every 4/20, or on May the Fourth, or even on Valentine's!

Prepare yourself for high times with the low-down dank flavor of G*D*P. Whether you're a common thug in need of some stress relief after an evening of living tough on the street, or a well-to-do ne'r-do-well having a jazz cigarette on the cul-de-sac, G*D*P is the theme music you have been looking for.

Normally, classic metal is best suited for working on a vintage motorcycle, or bodybuilding, or waxing a handlebar moustache on a Thursday evening - but this vaporized mish-mash is a lot more apropos for midnight runs to the corner store for family size bags of BBQ chips, or giggling uncontrollably while you try to clean up the potted plant you stumbled into. Yes, this collection of hazy, overbaked jams is just what you need to wipe that grimace off your face!

Also file under: PineappleXWave, Potallica, HashTunes, Weedcore etc.

Gray Lee