[Video] Catch State of Illusion performing on Hoodoo Music Podcast


No need to rub your eyes. This is not a mirage. Post-grunge stalwarts State of Illusion thunder their way into the Hoodoo Music Podcast. Frontman and group mastermind Jacob Portman has been operating under this moniker for a decade and some change now which in local band/dog years is like 50+ years.

Bands come and go on any local music scene like concert flyers on a coffee shop bulletin board. However, the enduring presence of State of Illusion has not been illusory in the slightest.

On the latest episode of the HMP, we catch a glimpse of the band in tiptop shape with the dynamics and raw vocals true to the post-grunge sound with the syncopated hits and precision of metal core as well some blistering solos reminiscent of antediluvian acid rock. But let’s not get too caught up on labels. A rose by any other name is just as thorny and this band by any other classification will rock just as hard. Catch them here on the one and only Hoodoo Music Podcast:

Theron Willis