VALENTINE WOLFE -"Dolorosa Lachrymosa"


VALENTINE WOLFE -"Dolorosa Lachrymosa"

This stealthily horrifying collection of 'Victorian chamber metal' is just the kind of creepfest you didn't know you were looking for. Greenville, South Carolina based artist Valentine Wolfe uses minimal compositions and eerie vocals to deliver sophisticated cinematic chills, and polished macabre. 

Each of these eighteen midnight ballads, named after notable mystical figures, is composed and performed by Sarah Black - whose ghostly voice haunts these dark, shadowy soundscapes full of restless spirits and malevolent, inhuman energies. This release would play well in a room full of well-dressed vampires, or in a family mausoleum. 

So, whether you are making a stylish turn-of-the-century horror film, or you just need some new tunes to jam during your dark, moonlit rituals, Dolorosa Lachrymosa is the album for you!

Gray Lee