TAP WATER - "Amnesia Nightmare"


Tap Water - "Amnesia Nightmare"

(Dinzu Artefacts)

[Attention: This review uses a large amount of official underground music industry terminology. Only those in 'the know' may fully understand]

Tap Water is the duo of Ian Franklin, (Shredderghost,) and Mike Haley, (Wether.)  Together, they have created a brief, yet engagingly artful bit of audio storytelling in this new release, Amnesia Nightmare.

Ian Franklin is the modular synth part of this duo, creating more bloops, wiggles, squiggles, and thumps than you will be able to keep up with. There is an ambient backdrop of wheezings and breezings above which, the wavy bits of twiddle dance in wildly intricate curly wigs.

Mike Haley is the tape manipulator of the duo. He takes all of Ian's whirly zings and pushes them in all directions, with quite a lot of fuzzy crackles. The loops of tape herk and jerk, spitting out piles of convoluted sound spaghetti.

These doodles weave in and out, perhaps telling the story of an alien life form who lands on Earth in an interstellar vessel. Unfortunately, the rigors of the long journey have rendered the alien unremembering. The alien stumbles around the county fair trying to remeberize, but does not recognize the strange faces that greet him. Eventually returning to the spacecraft, the alien finally remembers its purpose, and zooms away.

Gray Lee