WELLNESS - "Mall Goth"


Wellness - "Mall Goth"

These six tracks of mascara-heavy, teen apathy are about to transport you back to your formative years, loitering all day at the mall with your creepy, fellow outcasts.

Open your teenage closet and pull out your best band-logo black t-shirt and jeans, and your floor length duster. It's time to raid the mall with your goons. Equipped with part-time job money, and your own crippling angst, you pick up the squad in your third-hand junkyard car that will never need another paint job, due to it's second skin of ironic bumper stickers.  

Wellness is Los Angeles rocker Jordan Gatesmith, who captures the environs, habits, and inner workings of the mall goth better than any nature documentary could. With a careless dash of backwards youthful rebellion, Gatesmith hurls lyrics at the mic just before a perky guitar solo echoes across the foodcourt.

Every beat and bassline is tailor-made for summer afternoons running wild on the air conditioned, carpeted walkways, flanked by cronies, getting the best side-eye from the elderly power-walkers at the giant soft pretzel stand.  

In front of the Orange Julius, you spill some teriyaki sauce onto your beat up combat boots, but it's all right - because you and your fellow mall goths are headed to the music store to sit on the floor at the listening stations and listen to the same Bauhaus album you heard last week. On the way to the gaudy, girly jewlery store, Wellness is at the big fountain, in a Cure t-shirt singing,

I've got killer instincts,/

Killer isincts, Killer instincts/

But they're keeping me alive. 

For those among you who know the mall goth life, grab yourself a copy of Mall Goth , and crank it up on those worn out jalopy speakers until the old people yell at you in the parking lot.